Our Story


Company founded in New York by the Guatemalan designer Jacobo Espinoza , it is based on the creation of modern jewelry.

It is characterized by being refined and subtle, giving a classy and very sophisticated look to their products.

Jacob Posh design house is a company that seeks to listen to proposals of new talents, as well as its consumers with the aim of learning and improving continuously.

In Jacob Posh Jewelry we have a team that enjoys every creative process, as well as being very committed to providing an excellent service.   This is done in an energetic and passionate way by each one of our collaborators.

Channeling the creative spirit of the brand, Jacob Posh Jewelry is committed to crafting each collection with the finest materials to construct directional pieces for fashion-forward Jewelry pieces. Utilising luxurious materials from semi-precious stones to Swarovski crystals or python leather, Jacob Posh Jewelry l is styling a new contemporary code to create exceptional pieces with a luxe aesthetic. By blending luxury materials with cutting-edge metallic detailing, and infused with the characteristically unique approach to jewellery and accessories design, Jacob Posh Jewelry is leading the way in creating distinctive pieces for the discerning gentleman or lady.